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September 2017

Upcoming Revisions To Canada's Food Guide

New recommendations are expected to specify plant-based foods as the preferred source of protein and to call for the regular consumption of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and other vegan foods.

Administrative Reminders

  • Effective Date Of Coverage
  • Termination Of Coverage
  • Reporting Inactive Employees

How To Save A Life

  • Organ Donation
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June 2017

Universal Health Care

Ontario plans to provide a publicly funded pharmacare system to children and youth - who else will benefit?

What to look for when choosing sunscreen for your kids

How to protect yourself and your children against sunburn, skin cancer, premature aging and other skin damage that sun exposure can cause

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March 2017

In This Issue:

  • Nothing comes for free...not even healthcare
  • Provider eClaims
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December 2016

In This Issue:

  • National Pharmacare
  • Parking Lot Patience
  • Employee Group Taxable Benefit Premium Summary
  • 1two3 Small Group 2017 Renewal
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September 2016

In This Issue:

  • Collaboration between family doctors and specialists
  • Basic physician facts
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June 2016

In This Issue:

  • Missing Drugs in the Canadian Supply Chain
  • Lyme Disease On the Rise
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December 2015

In This Issue:

  • Rising cost of stop loss
  • Employee Group Taxable Benefit Premium Summary for T-4 Purposes
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September 2015

In This Issue:

  • The Merits of a National Drug Plan
  • Eye Strain Prevention in the Digital Age
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