Out-of-country Travel

January 2021

COVID-19 Testing Facility Locations

Since the Government of Canada implemented the negative COVID-19 test requirement prior to boarding flights to Canada,  locations of worldwide COVID-19 Testing Facilities have been added to their website Travel Advice and Advisories - Travel.gc.ca

  • Scroll to the Travel Advice and Advisories section
    • Choose a destination and click ‘Go’
    • Scroll to the blue ‘Health’ tab
    • Under Medical services and facilities select ‘Local COVID-19 Testing Facilities’
  • This information may help plan members to navigate specific testing facility locations and costs.
  • Although not all destinations currently have this feature, the site is being updated daily.
  • Alternatively, the nearest Government of Canada office abroad can be contacted for assistance to find out where legitimate COVID-19 testing is available.

Subscribe to Government Travel Updates

Plan members who are either currently outside of Canada or who may be considering travel are encouraged to review the Government of Canada website as updates are posted regularly, due to the fluid nature of the pandemic.

The Government of Canada has a Travel Advice and Advisories subscription service available.  To receive daily updates, simply enter your email address at: https://travel.gc.ca/stay-connected/subscribe